a sudden surprise

Today I have been stuck in my apartment for the majority of the day with probably the worst pain I have had in all my life…but thanks to the chiropractor I am feeling a bit better! Laying in bed allows for tons of thinking time and I have continued to ponder on my question from my previous post….”How do I walk in freedom and grace?” I am still not quite sure but the Lord softly spoke to me.

God has always been so revealing to me through nature. I wish I was artistic so I could express my thoughts and feelings that come about through his words in nature. Especially while I was in Switzerland! Anyway it started to snow today…WHAT THE!!!!!???? I layed out by the pool two days ago! But simply the Lord whispered….my grace covers you always….you walk in freedom always….in the midst of my unfaithfulness Christ appears suddenly with his grace…just like the random falling snow.

Peace and blessings to you my friends



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