epiphany week

I am not sure if life is adjusting to me or if I am adjusting to life.  I am going to guess that I am the one adjusting!

This has been a very forming week learning about outward, person to person confession, the need for community, and becoming more realistic in my hopes and expectations (although I will always have a hope for the best of the best!).  A big question that I do have is “How do I walk in grace…freedom?”  I know it probably has a simple answer like you just do it….but I don’t get it.

All that to say- I am feeling more adjusted to a normal life.  When I was living in Switzerland I was living what I would call an “exciting” life…always exploring, seeing new things, developing as a person….and I am starting to realize that I am doing the same thing here in Dallas but it looks really different!

Today is my day off and I am so enjoying it!  I want to get back into blogging and journaling.  But I am not 100% happy about this wordpress blog.  I know it is really fancy and fantasic…BUT I just don’t get how to use it.  Also…I don’t know what the purpose of my blog is.  Before, like I said I could always update on my new exciting adventure…but now…how do you capture the mundane in a non mundane way? So forgive me for these lame posts.  I am still settleing and learning how to live my new life.

ps…will I always miss Switzerland or does the grieving process end eventually?


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One response to “epiphany week

  1. i just love you.

    i love your layout too … i especially love that when you scroll over someone’s name, you get a preview of their page. so fancy!

    you are right though, i tried out wordpress and it confused the heck out of me. ha! my page is boring now, but it’s simple and that’s what i need for a little bit. 🙂

    love your thoughts …… i think for me, the key to dealing with the MUNDANE-NESS (not sure if that’s a word) is just to ENJOY it. find something within every day that you can accept/love. i think it’s all in your outlook. even the sun shining today makes my life a little bit better, even if it is incredibly ordinary.

    “i have learned the secret of being content …”


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