A long time waiting….

Gosh….I have been back in America for 3 1/2 months now.  It doesn’t even feel like I spent ten months of my life in Switzerland.  In actuality…ten months is such a short time.  In ways I feel like my 2 1/2 months at my new job have been longer.  It probably has to do with the immediacy of what I am in the middle of.  I am pretty sure if you would have contacted me at this time last year you would have first heard a quivering voice, seen a face fighting back tears, and read letters of loneliness…and I had only been there one month at this point….WEIRD!!!!!

Gosh…I miss Switzerland and the European feel in general!  (All the Europeans are groaning at this point because Americans categorize all Europeans together…and I just did it…SORRY and I do know the difference now!) I went back to read my blog on this day a year ago…it is a day I will never forget.  It was misty outside and I was visiting a village with a student from the youth group at Westlake.  You can read more about it here.  It was the day I unknowingly spent too much money on olives…but also the day I feel in love with eating olives!!!!

I miss walking outside with a scarf on…I miss public transportation, warm croissants that are WAY better than any American croissant I have tasted.  I miss the international flare…hearing  people speak in French…walking to work in the rain with a fun umbrella…seeing  people walk their dogs EVERYWHERE.

I would like to add that I hated many of those things above during my time there!  I had to admit, I walk by someone smoking and it takes me back…and I like it!  I miss the good friendships I made while I was there!  I miss the way people expressed their walk with Christ.  It was so raw and honest..no strings attached.

I even miss the state of loneliness at times.  Well…not the loneliness…but the outcome I guess.  I really understand what it means in James one to grow in perseverance through trials…and I am so thankful.  To grow like that again….

Don’t get me wrong.  I love being back…I love the stage of life I am in.  But again, it is yet, one other adjustment.  It is weird.  Not what expected or anticipated.  I have enjoyed re-connecting with friends and family.  I am loving my job…it is getting easier and more exciting every day.  I love living in the same town as my great friends Jason and Lindsey Brewer!  I love the youth I am working with…they are fantastic and I really feel like great relationships have been formed!  This by far has been ten times easier.  One thing that has been hard though is learning the voice of God.  God spoke to me so much through the beauty of Switzerland.  So that is an adjustment.

Well…I think I have exhausted my time on this post.  Hope you enjoyed a long awaited post!


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